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Some musings or something similiar! Maybe add a little into about who you are here?

Change Log

Version 1.5 (21/12/2012)

  • New Photoset Grid JS. Grids widths are now based on actual image sizes, and created before images are downloaded. Only 1280px photosets support the ‘supersize’ media option
  • New Img Replacment JS. Images are replaced at actual pixel size, and only replaced with on screen. Only 1280px images support the ‘supersize’ media option
  • Added Basic Support for Tumblr Video
  • Fixed Link Post going to Permalink page

Version 1.4 (15/12/2012)

  • Fixed Footer Only Displays If Post contains Tags
  • Added New Responsive Lightbox with Swipe Support
  • Added Google Webfont Support
  • Improved Photosets. Default size is 500px. Increases Width If Photoset Contains Images over 500px
  • Improved Image Replacement. Default size is 500px. Increases Width If Images are over 500px
  • Added Options To Enable Filter Menu, Twitter Feed, Pages
  • Added Spotify Embed Support
  • Misc CSS Tweaks

Version 1.3 (16/10/2012)

  • Added Link Post Icon
  • Added Enable Post Footer Option
  • Added Oversized Media Option
  • Fixed iPhone Rotation Bug
  • Fixed Retina Image Replacement Bug

Version 1.2 (28/08/2012)

  • Bug Fix For Clickthrough links

Version 1.1 (25/08/2012)

  • Added Option to change Links on the Header Navigation

Version 1.0 (20/08/2012)

  • Initial Release
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